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Talk Tonight

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Last updated: 06/02/2008
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Talk Tonight Track Comments
Noel Gallagher - I probably started writing it in Las Vegas and finished off writing it in Texas where we were due to record B-sides for Whatever but we recorded that and then we pushed that one forward to go on Some might say. I met this sort of Oasis fan from San Fransisco while on our travels. ....it was strawberry lemonade and she was addicted to that so that's why that?s in there and she took us around playgrounds where she use to play as a kid. It's all about that really. It's quite melancholic but quite uplifting in the same way.
Talk Tonight User Reviews
5 stars  Bout how Noel saved my life..., 19/03/2008, by childofbritpop
...heheh. My favorite of all time. It impressed me the first time I heard it. The lyrics. The melody. Everything. Noel is fcking amazing. Meloncholic but uplifting is right. Makes me wanna grab an acoustic guitar and sing to someone who saved my life. Kind of relates to how I feel about my Oasis fandom also.

5 stars  Favorite, 26/03/2007, by -
I barely heard this one recently and it is my favorite Oasis song. Simply cuz the first sentence he says is exactly how it is.

4 stars  Not as good as Noel thinks, 04/03/2007, by illinoize88
I like the song, and like playing it one guitar...but I think it is slightly overrated. I think Noel likes it cause its a confessional type song, which he really hadn't written before.

5 stars  I Will Talk Tonight, 04/03/2007, by Oasisbobo
....about this song classic one of Noel's best ever songs. Great lyrics , Noel at his Best

4 stars  SIMPLE, 14/11/2006, by jonesy_mad4it

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